Wognum, Kreekrand
Together with developer Heddes, ZON Energie completed a project of 24 starter homes. The idea of the project was to provide heat through an innovative and sustainable concept.
In process of building of foundations, along every concrete pile a plastic water pipe was placed so that it goes underneath the pillar and then up to the ground. This system is connected to a heat exchanger and a heat pump. In the winter, this system extracts the heat from the ground and in the summer it cools the water to about 19C, which is used for floor cooling. The same system provides heating during the winter on the same principle.
Hot domestic water is provided from the thermal solar collectors placed on the roof of the building. This water is additionally heated up to 65C by the heat pump or condensing boiler. 
This particular system consists of:
• 20m2 of thermal solar panels
• High temperature heat pump for geothermal heating and cooling
• System of closed heat and cold storage
• Boiler (for peak-load)
• Distribution system for heating, cooling and hot domestic water
• Measurement system with individual energy meters
• Floor heating and cooling
Benefits for the households
• Optimal living climate with comfortable cooling in the summer 
• Healthy living environment with floor heating
• No space loss for boilers
• Contribution to a cleaner world
Benefits for the environment
• Energy efficiency increase of 40% compared to same results with use of fossil fuels
• Reduction of CO2 emissions of up to 25 tons per year


- project information Wognum (Dutch)

project information Wognum (Dutch)