Wieringerwerf, Dijkgatshoeve

Wieringermeer is set amidst 80 acres of beautiful countryside and is located along Dijkgatshoeve care-farm. Dijkgatshoeve was developed in 2011 to be biodynamic farm.


Since 2011 The Dijkgatshoeve houses two living groups of six people and four apartments for people with intellectual disabilities. In addition, there are nine apartments for people with psycho-social care requirements. A total of 25 people live and work Dijkgatshoeve.



The special feature of this project is in its self-sufficiency: the residents take care of the livestock and make their own cheese, ice cream and sour cream. In addition to this the project is also completely CO2 neutral: all energy is made locally and in a sustainable manner.



The sustainable technology

In summer, the buildings are cooled through a system installed by ZON which stores heat in the ground. This heat is used in the winter for heating by heat pumps. If necessary there is a possibility to switch to a wood-fired boiler. Wood is a CO2-neutral fuel because the combustion of wood produces as much carbon dioxide as the tree has absorbed during its growth.


The wood chip for the boiler is provided fully automatically. It is transported to the combustion chamber from a storage via a moving conveyer. The wood chips are dried, gasified in the middle part, and burned as charcoal on the end. At the end the ash is automatically discharged into the ash container next to the installation. A centrifugal filter removes virtually all particulate from the smoke. The whole system is computer controlled, monitored and checked remotely.



- Projectinformation Dijkgatshoeve (Dutch)