Utrecht, Princes Margrietstraat
A new build project consisting of 23 social housing units is built in Prinses Margrietstraat in 2011. Together with Mitros project development, ZON Energie completed this project that provides small scale residences for people with dementia.
Ten of these apartments are allocated to partners one of which is suffering from dementia. The other 13 apartments are for the caregivers for the demented group. This way partners can keep living together even when getting appropriate care is difficult.
ZON Energie developed a flexible concept with solar collectors and heat pumps to use geothermal sources for heating and cooling of the apartments. Solar collectors are responsible for providing most of the heat for the hot domestic water. This kind of approach allows generating energy savings of up to 40%. Residents also enjoy a healthy and comfortable living conditions powered by renewable sources. 


This particular system consists of

  • Solar thermal collectors 
  • Low temperature heating (geothermal) 
  • High temperature cooling (geothermal) 
  • Closed source system (dry wells) for heat and cold storage 
  • Gas boiler (for peak load) 
  • Heat pump 
  • Distribution network for heat, cold and hot domestic water 
  • Apartments are equipped with individual energy meters


Benefits for the households

  • Optimal living climate with comfortable cooling in the summer 
  • Healthy living environment with floor heating 
  • No space loss for boilers or radiators 
  • Contribution to a cleaner world