Oude Tonge, Ebbe & Vloed

Woongoed Flakkee developed a care-complex called "Ebbe & Vloed" in the municipality of Oude Tonge in South Holland.


The complex consists of 58 individual homes of different sizes for seniors. Apart from that, there are 7 group housing units with smaller apartments for people with dementia. Another three group housing units consist of a communal area (kitchen, living and dining rooms) and seven individual bedrooms with own bathrooms. This project also includes areas such as a daycare center for 10 persons and 12 overnight lodging areas for those who are temporary out of home. The complex also includes office space and other care facilities.


Developers of this project have chosen ZON’s renewable energy system. Through the system, all buildings are supplied with heat and cooling as well as hot domestic water. Heating and cooling is done through the floors.