Middelburg, Gerbrandylaan

Woonzorg Nederland and ZON Energie have completed a complex consisting of 56 apartments for senior citizens In Middelburg. Together we have applied most modern building technologies and sustainable energy system to provide top comfort level for the residents.


The concept involves use of renewable energy for hot domestic water, heating and cooling. In the project two energy sources are used – solar and geothermal energy. Both sources are brought to the central technical room and from there it is being distributed to the meters of the individual apartments. Based on amount of used energy, residents are charged.


Throughout the complex we have drilled 12 bores (dry wells) up to 120m in depth. Via a heat pump, geothermal energy is used and it provides about 80% of the energy needs of three buildings. On the rooftops of the buildings there are solar panels installed. All collected heat is passed to a buffer and then distributed to the apartments through a different warm water network. In case the solar energy alone is not sufficient, boilers are used to bring the temperature up to the desired levels. Solar energy accounts for approximately 50% of the energy used for hot domestic water.


This particular system consists of

  • Solar thermal collectors 
  • Low temperature heating (geothermal) 
  • High temperature cooling (geothermal) 
  • Closed source system for heat and cold storage 
  • Gas boiler (for peak load) 
  • Heat pump 
  • Distribution network for heat, cold and hot domestic water 
  • Apartments are equipped with individual energy meters


Benefits for the households

  • Optimal living climate with comfortable cooling in the summer 
  • Healthy living environment with floor heating 
  • No space loss for boilers or radiators 
  • Contribution to a cleaner world 
  • Same energy bills


This project was awarded a prestigious Dutch "Building Business Golden Green Award" in 2009.



- project information (Dutch)