Krommenie, Durghorstplantsoen
In 2010, Parteon and ZON built a complex of 79 apartments in North Holland.
The energy system is equipped with a heat and cold storage system. This means that solution chose for this location is a closed source system. Homes in Krommenie are heated and cooled by geothermal energy, supported by a heat pump. Floor heating and cooling is responsible to provide comfortable living throughout the year.
70m2 of solar collectors are providing heat for hot domestic water. If necessary, the system uses support of boilers at rare times when solar energy alone is not sufficient to meet building’s demand for hot water. During winter times, 80% of the heat comes from the soil and 20% is from electricity.
The climate control system consists of floor distributor, room thermostat and a ventilation system. These are owned by Parteon. The primary collective system (the meter) is owned by ZON Energie Group, which is the energy and maintenance operator of the complete system for the next 30 years.
Central space of the complex is, so called Atrium. This is a common space for all the residents. The content and design of the Atrium is determined by creativity of the residents. Nevertheless, these joint spaces are also heated and cooled through the floor.
The entire system is also equipped with state of the art monitoring system which collects and analyses temperature data. This information about climate as well as energy requirements of the residents will be used to optimize future investments in the system to achieve even higher energy efficiency.
This particular system consists of:
• About 70m2 of solar thermal collectors
• Low temperature heating (geothermal)
• High temperature cooling (geothermal)
• Closed source system for heat and cold storage
• Boiler (for peak load)
• Heat pump
• Distribution network for heat, cold and hot domestic water
• Apartments are equipped with individual energy meters for heat and hot domestic water
Benefits for the households
• Optimal living climate with comfortable cooling in the summer 
• Healthy living environment with floor heating
• No space loss for boilers or radiators
• Contribution to a cleaner world


project information (Dutch)

projectsheet (Dutch)