Broek in Waterland - De Dillen
Starting point 
Project "De Dillen" in Broek in Waterland includes twenty-nine apartments. The existing installation could not meet the comfort requirements for heating and it was sometimes uncomfortable in the apartments. Hot water was prepared with individual electric boilers, characterized with low efficiency and high operating and maintenance costs.
Goal in the initial phase of the renovation was to reduce energy consumption. Combination of new windows, wall and roof insulation reduced energy consumption. The new level of energy needs was met sustainable energy solutions of maximum efficiency. Moreover, hot domestic water was provided for the households. Only in cases of peak consumption, boilers placed in the technical rooms would switch on to meet this sporadic increased demand.
Current situation
WoonCompagnie, who is the owner of the project, has appointed ZON Energie as managing developer. System in place includes closed source for ground water for heating and cooling of the apartments and solar panels for hot domestic water. Heating, cooling and hot domestic water reach the apartments through a new distribution system which is equipped with individual energy meters. This project is unique because it also involved replacement of radiators.


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