Sustainable solutions


SUN Energy provides sustainable solutions to households for heating, cooling and hot domestic water powered by renewable energy sources.
Our flexibility allows clients to tailor the comfort and costs to exact specification. We have the capacity to develop, finance, install and operate such energy systems.
SUN Energy aims to work with developers, investors, municipalities and associations of homeowners. Together we make buildings more energy efficient, comfortable and cost effective.
Whether you build a new or renovate an existing building, we support you throughout the project. 
From assessing the first idea to the financing and operating of the system, SUN Energy unburdens!
We offer more than developers dare to think!
Working with SUN
Developers, investors, municipalities surely have questions about renewable energy, energy efficiency, financial or organizational aspects - and we surely have the answers.
As developer or investor you will offer better living conditions and comfort to your clients at no extra cost. This also means making a contribution to a cleaner and energy efficient environment which results in meeting the ever higher demands for sustainability.
It’s a triple win – for your costs of construction, for your clients’ comfort of living and for the environment.
As municipality you can maximize use of your available budgetary funds for energy efficiency. We give independent advice on optimal solutions, we can co-invest through a Public Private Partnership, support organizational and administrational operation and help increase awareness of energy efficiency.
First – let’s talk and define your ambitions.
Living with SUN
Living with a SUN Energy sustainable installation means comfort and being environmentally friendly at a lower cost than what you’ve been used to. We are able to provide heating, cooling and hot domestic water in the most comfortable way.
SUN Energy systems replaces noisy fans and aircos which are expensive in operation and maintenance. Instead this is done using a floor heating and cooling system.
The collective integrated heating and cooling system means your building is energy efficient, with an intact façade and just the way the architect designed it to be – beautiful and made comfortable by SUN.
Hot domestic water comes from a central system. You have more usable space in your apartment and lower electricity and maintenance costs.
You can be sure that the energy used to heat up your water is renewable and leaves no footprint on the environment.